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Utter Bliss Massage
Renelle Blanchette
1 Hour

This relaxation massage combines the two massages Tension massage and Soothe the Sole for the often forgotten parts of the body. Creating an Utterly blissful experience. Warning choosing this massage will leave you feel unbelievable relaxed and rejuvenated!!!  Your body will thank you!!!

Tension massage- This relaxation massage includes areas we usually neglect, your face, your head, arms, hands and shoulders! All your tension will simply melt away!

Soothe the Sole- Rejuvenate your feet and calves with this specially designed massage utilizing relaxation massage techniques, essential oils, Vitaflex and some acupressure points.

**This massage was created for Infinite Creations and is NOT performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.
 Renelle is currently studying massage therapy but is not as of yet a RMT**