Customized Intuitive Coaching Sessions
$110 -1 hr
$150- 1 1/2 hr
$190- 2 hr
Saskatoon location add $20.00

Tracy uses many techniques that utilize her training in clearing out the old patterns and assisting you in BEING YOU, finding the magic of YOU!!!

What is your Soul saying, what is it needing. Allow Tracy to read your energy at the Soul Level while she connects to Spirit and the many Divine beings. When a Intuitive healing session is done Tracy incorporates many Intuitive Techniques. Your energy reveals truths of what you need to know, where you are blocked or in need of healing- belief systems, patterns, past & future lives, clearing and balancing techniques needed.

These sessions may consist of a variety of information from your energy. Tracy will ask you what you would like to receive from your session. Your session can include answering your questions of information you would like to know, clearing blockages that have you or your energy stuck, verbal processing, coaching, past life information and energy run on the body for pain, balancing and more. These sessions can change your body, energy, how you perceive the world, your life. How much change are you looking for in your world.
Customized Intuitive Coaching
Tracy Reifferscheid