Discuss these options with Tracy and a customized program will be set up!!! This may have the option of package pricing which is a reduced pricing. Tracy has been trained as Spiritual Health Coach, Tony Robins, Certified Facilitator, Life Coach and as Rehabilitation worker.

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body? I am offering Body Processing Sessions. This session includes coaching, energy work and the process your body requires for changes. From body image, pain, slowing the aging process, to conditions in the body. I will connect energetically to your body to see what it requires.

What would you like to create with your business? Book a business coaching session to discover a different way of doing business. Find out what your business requires and what you can do to make it thrive!

Do you have anxiety, highs & lows, life seems to be hard and a struggle? Would you like to change this? I will assist you in discovering what is sticking you. Releasing the old patterns, beliefs, judgements, energies so that life can be embraced from joy.
Business, Body & Energy Coaching
 Tracy Reifferscheid