UPDATE- Due to the sell of essential oils, crystals and incense falling through we are having a BULK SALE!! THURSDAY FEB 21 ONLY 10:00- 6:00!!!

Open for bulk purchase only...this means buying packaged up crystals in the whole bags, 10 or more essential oils, boxes of incense. - ALL 50% off.

There will also be available 60%-70% off table and shelves. I will still have the remaining odd item like the jewellery a couple of figurines all on for 50% off. ​

We  have shelves, carry out containers, Point of Sale Systems, Espresso machines and more contact Tracy for more details. 231-4350.

The sale of certain section didn't go through so if your interested in buying out small crystals, incense and potentially essential oils talk to Tracy. 

Thank you to everyone of our customers!!! 

You made the past 3 1/2 years fun, enjoyable and a success. 

We have seen people grow, share their lives, excitement and ups and downs. Thank you!!

It is bitter sweet closing the doors to the shop. Excitement for new journeys for everyone and sadness that the store is closed. As one door closes new doors open. 

We are looking and working with a few people that may take over a few parts. Some of those aren’t going where we originally thought but we are still looking. We know this provides so much for you and our community. Once everything is confirmed we will let you know.

Practitioners are still practicing in the space until the end of Feb. if you have an appointment they will open the doors for you. Each is going different directions.

Tracy, Renelle and Amanda will still be offering sessions from current location.

Katrina from Natures clinic.

Karen-10 minutes out of town.

Brittney and Kelly please contact.

To book an appointment please go to our practitioner page the next few weeks for each persons contact info

A final little gift from Tracy to you is sending everyone of our customers some energy of gratitude for who each of you be!!!