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Meet the Practitioners of Infinite Creations:



Creating a unique environment of many types of sessions and therapies to chose from. Ranging from one-on-one, groups, more than one practitioner plus events and classes.

Some of the awesomeness offered including but not limited to Intuitive Healing, Access Bars, Card Readings, Past Life Readings, Intuitive Counseling, Business & Life Coaching, Raindrop, Space Clearing, Reiki, hand, foot and scalp massage….and more. 

Please feel free to browse through the bios below for a more in-depth list of what is offered. Listen to your own inner guidance as to which facilitator(s) you are drawn to connect with. 

Unsure yet, talk to one of our Facilitators of Ease and Joy and they will happily assist you in choosing and booking your appointment with Tracy, Kelly, Renelle, Gerry, Katrina, Amanda or Karen by calling 306-682-2994

We also have online booking for Tracy, Kelly, Gerry, Renelle or Katrina at infinitecreation.info

Whatever choice the results will be truly wonderful.

The rates and services below are deemed to be correct but are subject to change at the discretion of each facilitator. Rates are based on 1 hour sessions unless otherwise indicated.

Tracy Reifferscheid 
Do you feel like something is missing in your life? 

Maybe it's YOU!!! 

Tracy will facilitate with you in this journey to finding, to creating you, the magic, the gift you are.

Tracy is the owner/operator of Infinite Creations and is an international Coach and Facilitator. She has studied all around the world to bring you the best assistance she can with the journey your life is taking! 

Tracy can assist you in your journey. Her sessions are for those desiring to create change in their emotional state, body, business and life.

ONLY CHOSE if you are desiring to CREATE ease and joy for yourself!

Tracy is a visionary that transforms and sparks the energy within those around her. She does this by utilizing the many techniques she has been trained in from around the world and developed. Willing to tap into your energy, the techniques and the energies around us. 

Tracy Specializes in Intuitive Healing Coaching Sessions, Spiritual, Body & Business Coaching, Access Bars, Body Magic, SOP-Symphony of Possibilities, House/Business and Property Clearing, and Distance Healing. Each Session is tailored to you and your own unique needs.

Discovery Sessions 15 min Free- more info here
Private Sessions in Humboldt $120/hr under 18 $75.00, 
add an addition $20.00 for other locations
VIP Private Session Packages- more info here

Call (306) 682-2994 or email admin@infinitecreations.info    
book online here
Website www.tracyreifferscheid.com

Kelly Soderholm of Blossoming Journeys
My name is Kelly Soderholm and I reside in Humboldt, Sask. with my husband and beautiful daughters. I am offering a number of services and healing processes that I am so passionate about. I believe that we are all on our own journeys of discovery and I find it so fulfilling to share, grow and expand all possibilities in our lives to obtain balance and harmony. My business is called BLOSSOMING JOURNEYS and is open to everyone seven days a week. I offer day and evening appointments to accommodate my clients' lifestyles. My services are confidential, professional and surrounded by love and light. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your phenomenal journey. I am so grateful to do what I love and to be inspired each and every day by so many wonderful people.

Raindrop Therapy (1.5-2hrs) $120, Reiki (1hr) $65, Reiki with YL Essential Oils (1hr) $80,  Massages with Oils: Scalp (1 hr) $50, Hands (1/2hr) $35, Foot (30-45 min) $40

Contact Cell at 306-231-6079 or home 306-682-2752 (Please leave a message & call will be returned)

Renelle Blanchette
Hello, I am Renelle Blanchette. My own healing journey has led me to create my own inspiring + soulful business. I have studied to become a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner + Life Coach + have taken a deep journey through the Chakras. As well, I am currently in my 2nd year of Massage school. I am an essential oil, oracle card + crystal lover. I am a coach + mentor for highly sensitive women + empaths, helping you reframe your sensitivity + embrace your gifts.
I am pleased to offer the following services:
- Life coaching for highly sensitive women + empaths: contact to book FREE consult
- Reiki + Chakra Balancing (1hr) $75 (in person or distant)
- Intuitive Card Readings $47 (via email, in person or distant): contact to book
- 30 min Relaxation Massage $35
- 60 min Relaxation Massage $50
- 90 min Relaxation Massage $75
I would love to meet with you + support you on your journey. I also offer private yoga sessions. Due to my school schedule, I am at Infinite Creations in Humboldt four days per month + also have a healing room in my home in Bruno. Evening + weekend appointments are available upon request 

Phone: 306.231.0878 (call or text)
Email: renelle@renelleblanchette.ca
Website: www.renelleblanchette.ca 

Gerry McCann of New Beginnings Therapy
Hi My name is Gerry McCann. I am very excited to be able to assist people with their healing journeys at Infinite Creations. I became interested in energy healing through my daughter Tracy Reifferscheid. The more time I spend doing energy treatments the more I want to know. So I continue to inquire and learn. I know that the opportunity to learn and use energy treatments was brought into my life for a reason. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 the use of various energy treatments and essential oils kept the side effects of the chemo a minimum and he had no pain. The combination of the traditional chemo, daily energy treatments, a positive attitude and prayer lead to our last appointment with the oncologist telling us he was cancer free.

I call in angels in all my treatments as I believe they are with us all the time and all we have to do is ask and they are overjoyed to come in and assist us in our daily lives for the greater good. Therefore my treatments are always filled with love and light. Treatments will help relax you, help deal with stress and pain. My clients can be assured that treatments are always confidential.

I understand that busy lifestyles can mean that appointments during the day are not always ideal so I offer evening and weekend appointments so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the peace and healing that that can be part of your life’s healing journey.

Reiki $55/hour - Access Bars $55/hour - Raindrop (with Reiki) $60 - Chakra Clearing $55 - Ion Foot Cleanse $40 - With Foot Raindrop $60 - Raindrop Foot $20

To book appointments, call 306-682-2994 or book online at infinitecreations.info

Phone: 306-749-7518 or 306-749-2822
Email: newbeginningstherapy@sasktel.net
Website: www.newbeginningstherapy.ca

Katrina Bendel, Registered Massage Therapist

With over 15 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, Katrina is pleased to be joining the amazing environment at Infinite Creations!

Using a variety of massage techniques Katrina will assess and work with every client to ensure that the time on the table is most beneficial, effective, and enjoyable. Katrina incorporates basalt hot stones into every treatment, and uses hydrocollator heat packs to assist in easing tension and increasing muscle relaxation. Massage therapy can help with a variety of physical conditions from tension headaches to chronic back pain, and can work incredibly well to assist in reducing the stress and anxiety from everyday life. Whether treating a specific injury or concern, or working towards maintaining a level of wellbeing, massage therapy can be beneficial to every body! 

Katrina holds a membership in good standing with the National Healthcare Practitioners of Canada and is happy to provide a receipt for all treatments for submission to insurance providers. A Health History form is required for each new client to fill out prior to their first appointment. Book today, and experience what massage therapy can do for you!

1 Hour Treatment - $60.00

To book appointments, call 306-682-2994 or book online at www.infinitecreations.info
For other lengths of appointments or more information, questions and concerns, email Katrina at katrina.bendel.rmt@gmail.com

Karen Poppel of Touch of Vitality 
My name is Karen Poppel, I reside in Saskatoon but am proud to call Humboldt my hometown. I am excited to be a guest practitioner at Infinite Creations. I am certified in the art of natural energy healing called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a great, non-invasive way to address current health projects such as back pain, depression, headaches, children’s discomforts etc. During the session I will place my hands on one or a combination of the various 26 key spots called Safety Energy locks. This technique is used to promote energy flow and harmony within the body.  For more information, visit my website at https://touchofvitality.weebly.com/ 

Jin Shin Jyutsu - 45 minute session $80
Access Bars - 60 minutes $90
Access Bars - 90 minutes $125

Infinite Creations: May 24 & 25 2018

Please call or text me at 306-281-8841 or book online www.infinitecreations.info 

Chuck McCann
Hi, my name is Chuck McCann and I’ve been privileged to assist people find solutions to their problems for over 30 years. My training and work history have allowed me to use a unique combination of traditional counselling and energy therapies to successfully help people deal with many life problems. 

As an Energy Worker I am a Reiki Master/Trainer, Access Bars Practitioner, Access Consciousness and Body Processes facilitator. In addition, my training background includes both 1-1 and group counselling modalities, training specific to Addiction Counselling and Mental Health Disorders, Relapse Prevention, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and certification as a Reality Therapy/Control Theory practitioner.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer that had metastasized into my peritoneum and told it was incurable. Through a combination of traditional cancer treatment and energy work today I am cancer free.  
All my treatments are individually tailored to meet your needs and can include a combination of energy work and talk therapy at a rate of 55/hr.  

Brittney Tebbe
Hi, My name is Brittney Tebbe, i’m 25 years old and I am very excited to bring some new and fun services to Infinite Creation! I own a Before and After School Program that I run out of St.Dominic school! I also just had a baby of my own last year! Every mama deserves a day to spoil themselves and to feel fabulous and with that being said, that is my goal! I want to make you all feel absolutely amazing walking out! 

Teeth Whitening (15-20mins) $79.00
Eyelash Extensions (new set up to 3 hrs) $100.00 -Classic Set
Eyelash Extension Fill (1.5-2hrs) 2 weeks $30.00 3 weeks $50.00
Mircoblading (1.5-2hrs) $250.00 with a free touch up
Eyebrow Tint (30mins) $25.00
Eyelash Tint and Lift (30mins) $50.00

brittneytebbe@hotmail.com (email)
https://www.facebook.com/brittneyslashandbrowbar/ (facebook page)

Amanda Worobec

Hi I am Amanda Worobec,

Health and wellness is a strong passion of mine! 
It has been my own journey of nutrition, energy, healing & crystals that has guided me to where I am today!
I am born and raised Humboldt! My husband and our two children reside in Humboldt.
I am health and wellness educator for Juice Plus Canada, as well I offer a truly one of kind unique relaxing facial only offered at Infinite Creations! 
My facials incorporate essential oils, galvanic spa, energy & the most delectable facial massage!
Galvanic Spa Treatment helps to restore skin's natural vibrancy as well promoting cellular energy. 
The galvanic current provides skin regenerative results!

I truly believe self care is so important! Let me take the “tension” off your face & Treat your skin!
With the proper skin care routine you can make significant improvements in the appearance of your skin in a short matter of time!
Deluxe Galvanic Facial is a 1.5 hour session for $90.00

I would love to nourish, hydrate and iron out your wrinkles leaving you with the most incredible facial massage you have EVER experienced! Leaving your skin feeling tighter and looking younger!

For more information on products used click HERE
To Book with me please call or text 306-231-5493  
email: worobecelectric@outlook.com

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