What is an Ionic Detox Foot Bath
There are numerous ways you can benefit from this easy, relaxing foot soak.

  Let’s start with ways this treatment detoxifies your body:
  -Helps your body purge heavy metals
  -Detoxifies your liver
  -Removes parasites from your liver and kidneys
  -Purges yeast

  Are there any other health benefits you may ask? Why yes, yes there are:
  -It reduces inflammation caused by arthritis or other strenuous activity
  -Restores a more natural pH level to your skin
  -Enhances your immune system

Any one over the age of 10 is able to partake in a detoxing foot bath, unless you have epilepsy or a pacemaker implanted. These foot baths are especially helpful for people who are prescribed numerous medications and/or their bodies simply cannot rid the toxins on their own. It is recommended that you wait to take your medications until after your foot bath, or at least two hours prior to your appointment. If you are receiving chemotherapy it is recommended you wait until the end of your treatment, but is a very efficient way to rid your body of all the chemicals you have encountered. If you are pregnant or breast feeding it is recommended that you consult a doctor.

If you find yourself wondering how this wonderful system works, well look no further. An electrical current is passed through two plates that are submerged in water and connected to a module and the foot bath water contains Himalayan salt. While your feet are in the water positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This re-energizes your body and your red blood cells. It also eliminates toxins that are stored in fat, liver, kidneys, bowls and skin. This foot bath also triggers the body’s lymphatic system which will help your body to continue to detoxify for the next 24-48 hours.

The major health objective is to have healthy cell molecules, there must be a balance between positive and negative ions in the cells and molecules. If atoms or molecules lose electrons they become positively charged, if they gain electrons they become negatively charged. The ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs! This can help alleviate an array of things:
  -Menopause symptoms
  -Menstrual discomfort
  -Sexual health problems
  -Skin problems
  -Sleeping problems
  - Aches and pains
  -Yeast infections

Still not convinced? This type of internal cleansing can contribute to faster disease healing and injury recovery. Due to busy lifestyles, people don’t always eat quite the way they should which can lead to your body storing excessive quantities of toxins and waste products. During your foot bath session, ions from the module enter your body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. This process is called reverse osmosis. 

Now, you may be asking what a detox foot bath is like. There’s electricity and water? Usually that’s not a good combination, right? Well in this case, it’s very relaxing. During your session, you will sit in a comfy chair or on a practitioner’s couch. Most people find the session very relaxing and it is not unusual for you to fall asleep. The session usually takes 30-45 minutes. Some people may experience a slight tingling or tickle sensation but it is not uncomfortable. If you do find that it is uncomfortable, please let us know!

We recommend you start your foot bath experience with six sessions over the span of a 3-5 week period in order to maximize detoxification. After the initial session, you can reduce your visits to once a month if you so choose. We do offer special series packages if you’re interested as well as a punch card! Your 6th foot bath is 50% off and your 12th foot bath is free!! Each individual foot bath is $30.

After your foot bath, you may feel relaxed, balanced and focused. There is usually no pain, but people who suffer from excessive toxicity may experience some discomfort as their bodies release these toxins from the tissues for elimination. After your foot bath, you are encouraged to drink plenty of water to help carry on the process of detoxification as well as making it more comfortable for you! Some people may experience fatigue or a headache after a session, do not be alarmed this is completely normal. 

Depending on your lifestyle, personal condition and your willingness to take responsibility for your health will determine how soon you feel the benefits. We do not guarantee any results or claim to cure any diseases or illness and is not intended to replace any medication or treatment that you may be undergoing

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