What is an Intuitive Session?
Some of the most talented, successful and effective people attribute their success to one readily available ability. One everyone is born with, yet few actually learn how to develop 

In a space of unconditional love, a variety of energetic techniques can be used to address the areas you are ready to heal. Some focus of the body, mind and spirit. While others like to concentrate on the four bodies: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. You can receive new insight to thoughts, patterns and behaviors that could be having a direct effect on your four bodies. It is a stimulation of your healing process to provide you with different opportunities for your own enlightenment and personal development. 

Every intuitive practitioner uses a combination of:
Empathy- Understanding another's situation, feelings and motives.
Clairaudience- Hearing outside the range of normal perception.
Clairvoyance- Seeing objects, events, colours, shapes, etc.. not perceived by the senses.
Clairsentience- Feeling things not normally felt by most people.

​These are all different ways of perceiving messages, spiritual information and guidance.