Premium Facial
Amanda Worobec
1.5 hours

This delicious facial includes everything I have to offer! 

I will begin with a Galvanic Spa™ Treatment which helps to restore skin's natural vibrancy by removing impurities and promoting cellular energy. It also supplies beneficial ingredients enhanced by the galvanic current and provides skin regenerative results.

Once the Galvanic Spa™ Treatment is complete, we then apply a mask of your choice, if you so have chosen.

Next is the Access Energetic Facelift™ which smooths, tightens and rejuvenates your face and body.

Last but certainly not least, I complete the pampering process with a fabulously relaxing facial massage! The facial massage has many of its own benefits as well!! With the proper skin care routine you can make significant improvements in the appearance of your skin in a short matter of time! The Facial Massage has an instant lifting and toning effect and helps to improve your circulation. When you improve your circulation, nutrients can be delivered to the tissues and cells thus improving color and tone. It even helps to reduce any puffiness or swelling around the eyes!

The Facial Massage is also very relaxing, fine lines and wrinkles are often caused by tension that you may not even realize you are carrying in your face, especially around your eyes. The movements release tension, and help you sleep!! Often times we feel a pressure in our sinuses, this can be caused by allergies, colds and flu and a whole number of other things. With gentle movements in just the right spot, we can help relieve your worst congestion or sinus pain. 

When you stimulate the skin with a facial massage, you also awaken all the toxins that have built up and stored in your face. Usually these toxins like to store themselves right along your jaw bone and chin, with special techniques we not only help drain the toxins from your face, but from your lymphatic system as well!!

**These facials were created specially for Infinite Creations using specific massage techniques, scientific proven items like the Galvanic Spa and trademark techniques like the Access Energetic Facelift™**

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