Chakra Class
Chakra Class - Tracy Reifferscheid
Investment $150.00 

Take a Journey into learning about the 12 Chakras. Yes this about more than just the seven that you may have previously heard about. This class is presented in a dynamic and expansive way. Whether your are brand new, never heard about a Chakra or have played with or are experienced in Chakras, this class has something for you. In this class you learn about
- What the 12 Chakras are?
- What each Chakra represents?
- How to connect to each Chakra.
- What Archangel, crystal, sound, colour and the affirmation associated with each Chakra?
- How to balance and clear each Chakra?
- How to do a full treatment on your self and others?
- Meditation on each Chakra
- You will also receive a guided Meditation Cd of the 12 Chakras
- A color poster of the Chakras to hang
- A manual and certificate